Make blinky example work for the cortex M4 and the cortex M0

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by floreste on Fri Jun 27 06:21:11 MST 2014
I have some troubles programing a MCU and would appreciate some enlighten.
I am trying to program the LPC 4337 (The Xplorer board) with the LPC Link-2 debug probe in order to run a simple blinky program on cortex M4 and M0 in sleep, and then to run the same program with the cortex M0 and M4 in sleep. As IDE for programming I am using the NXPXpresso IDE.
I have already managed to run my program in the M4 but I’m experiencing troubles for the M0 part: I can’t make any project work.
Here is what I have understood and tried, please tell me what I did wrong or what I have missed.
I first tried to run the examples from the LPCopen package. Since I have a LPC4337 board, I have changed the settings for the examples and put LPC4337 for the M4 examples and LPC4337-M0 for the M0 examples.
I wanted to try the blinky projects, and here is the first thing I have noticed:
Periph_blinky and freertos_blinky examples seems to work, (connected with JTAG for cortex M4 and without any link to M0APP in the settings (Settings->tool Settings->MCU Linker->Multicore) ) when they are programmed independently from the M0.
But first problem, with the same settings as the other working examples, the dc_sa_blinky example ends in the HardFault_Handler, according to what I’ve seen, after checking if the M0 image was correctly loaded, which could not since I hadn’t already linked the M4 project to the M0 one.
Then, I tried to make the _m0 examples work by themselves changing the settings to LPC4337-M0 and using the JTAG dedicated for the M0 but then, I am each time “stalled on bus operation” (this message is displayed on the bottom of the NXPXpresso IDE).  I guess that I can’t run a program only dedicated for the M0 since the M4 has to boot the M0 core?
So I tried to link the 2 projects to run a multi core program, and here is where I would like some help to guide me in the rights steps.
- I built the dc_sa_blinky_m0 project
- I change the settings of the dc_sa_blinky (for M4) project (Settings->tool Settings->MCU Linker->Multicore) where I check off the M0APP slave, I do not change Master memory (I tried both MFlashA512 and RAM2 nevertheless) and I define the slave application with the image built for the dc_sa_blinky_m0 program.
So this should link the slave M0 to the master M4? Do I forget another step, another configuration?
Then I launch the debug but I end in the HardFault_Handler another time, just after checking if the image was correctly loaded (after line 217 of the m0_img_loader from the dc_sa_blinky example.
So could someone help me there and tell me what I’m doing wrong.
(I get the same errors for the dc_freertos_blinky project)