Multiple purpose SDRAM use

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by DT1 on Mon Feb 10 06:56:42 MST 2014

In my project (using the MCB4357 board), I'm using the SDRAM for a lot of things:

- emWin buffering
- calculation buffering
- file system cache (not implemented yet, but will do it)

The code is not running from SDRAM though and I'm not using an OS. So it's a single process. Is there a problem doing this? I'm asking this because I observe the following problems:

- Sometimes, always the same pixels on my display do not behave like they should, but sometimes they are ok.
- When I'm doing calculations, so I'm heavily using the SDRAM for calculation buffering, my display gets corrupted (a lot of small lines of about 5 pixels appear everywhere on the screen

The first thing I checked was my memory allocation for my buffers (different addresses and length should not overlap), but that seems ok. So I'm not sure if using the SDRAM the way I want to use it is ok.

Any tips?

Thanks a lot.