Errata situation for CAN on LPC4350 Revision ESD1148ZRY?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by starblue on Mon Aug 27 07:06:49 MST 2012
I have a Keil MCB4350 board with an LPC4350 device with marking ESD1148ZRY, and as the next step I need to work on CAN.
Now from the various errata sheets I gather that CAN is currently rather broken.

For revision A (but it doesn't seem to apply to my chip?) I could use CAN1,
because I only need ADC and DAC of the peripherals CAN is in conflict with.

Now for revision A the errata sheets for LPC43x0 and LPC18x0 are almost identical.
I also found the LPC18x0 errata for revision '-' (which doesn't fit my revision number either?), where CAN1 is completely missing.
So if this would apply to my LPC4350 I'd have to use CAN0 and see whether anything happens to DAC/ADC.

I'd be grateful if somebody could shed more light on this.

Is there an errata sheet specifically for the revision marked ZRY?

Is there a more detailed description of the problem or how to work around it (e.g. which addresses are in conflict)?