LPC4330-Xplorer UsbDevice Sample Code

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ericgorr on Wed Jun 27 10:44:26 MST 2012
I have starting working with the Xplorer board have had success in getting most of the sample projects up and running from within Ubuntu running within VirtualBox on OS X 10.7, but I am having trouble with the UsbDevice project. I am able to build, load, and run the code on the board. Using USB Prober on OS X, I even see the device show up as a Composite device with a Mass Storage device. However, the mass storage device does not show up in Disk Utility as a mountable device. I do see an error message in the console which says that converting Bulk MPS 224 to 512 (USB 2.0 Spec section 5.8.3). I do see in mscuser.h that MSC_HS_MAX_PACKET is set to 224 and a comment says this value must be < 256, but the USB 2.0 spec says this value must be 512.

Is there a reason why it is 224 and not 512?

I did try changing it to 512, but it just appears to crash or hang.

Any thoughts or comments on how to get it to work and comply with the USB 2.0 Spec?

Thank you.