Does LPC4300 works with 32MB SDRAM?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by irvin on Wed May 16 01:24:49 MST 2012
Can anybody confirm that LPC43xx works with following 32MB SDRAM parts: ISSI IS45S32800D or Micron MT48LC8M32LF?

On our board we use 256Mb SDRAM which have: 8M x 32b (Row length:12, Column length: 9, Bank: 4) configuration.

According to the user manual (DYNAMICCONFIG register), this SDRAM configuration is not supported. I spoked with NXP, and they told me to use following register settings (shown in user manual, table 364 - see attachment):
32 external bus high-performance address mapping
- 128 Mb (8Mx16), 4 banks, row length = 12, column length = 9

Unfortunately it does not work for us. Currently we use settings
- 128 Mb (4Mx32), 4 banks, row length = 12, column length = 8,
but only 16MB work.

Does anyone use same SDRAM, and can provide me DYNAMICCONFIG register settings?