Running from SPIFI causes immediate hard fault

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bunrockter on Wed Feb 13 00:13:07 MST 2013
I have have Hitex board (One of the newer ones). I am using crossworks, and can run my programs just fine from SRAM. but when I switch to running them from SPIFI, immediately upon breaking at the first instruction the faultmask register gets masked (it stays that way until I erase the SPIFI, and kill power). The code will continue to run, but interrupts wont fire since faults are masked.. If I clear the mask, the code immediately hard faults and the vector table bit is set in the hard fault status register. From what I can find in the ARM documentation this means that there was either a bus fault while accessing the vector table, or there was an offset error while accessing the vector table.

I even get this issue when running the example code supplied by crossworks. I have spoken with them, and they said it works just fine for them. Has anyone else run into this? The exact same code runs just fine in SRAM, but when I run from SPFI (well copy from SPIFI into RAM and then run actually) I fault every time. I have to Clear out the SPIFI and then cut power to the board before I can run from ram again, or I get the fault (perhaps the bit is sticky? A reset doesn't even do it)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.