Switching core clock to 204MHz repeatedly causes a system crash

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mirfan on Wed Nov 28 05:13:06 MST 2012

I am working at Mentor Graphics and hoping to add Power Management support to LPC4350. I am using a HITEX board. My demo application switches the core at different operating frequencies (12MHz,48MHz, 96MHz and 204MHz) after every 2 seconds. The issue I am facing is somewhat already known i.e. Core crashes if its clock is ramped up from below 90MHz to 204MHz. The issue does not appear every time I make a switch. Right now I get a crash after around 40 mins. During this time the core is continuously moved to all the other operating frequencies without an issue but eventually it crashes. I have also put in the work around of moving the core to 204MHz in multiple steps using the FASTBOOT example as a reference. The code is running from internal SRAM.