Reversing bits in SGPIO output

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JohnR on Mon Sep 17 06:08:30 MST 2012
Based on AN11201.pdf as mentioned in an earlier post, I am reading the outuput of a SPI ADC connected to the SGPIO input of a Diolan 4350 board.

With M4 receiving the data, I can use __RBIT to get the endianness correct, but I want to use M0 to collect the data, leaving M4 for data processing etc. For some reason __RBIT is not implemented for M0 and I have to do the conversion in software which is really slowing up the system.

Is there any way in the SGPIO system of reversing the bit output from the REG or REG_SS registers, I have looked at the schematic in Figure 32 of the manual and there does not seem any easy way of doing this?

Any help would be appreciated again,