[LPC4357] Enable RTC and show the time on display panel using emWin function, and then the system crashed.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by wangchainh on Tue Apr 02 02:07:07 MST 2013
Hi guys,
I have a question about using the rtc and emwin.
Code base on LPC open 1.01.
emWin 518 1.00
LPC4357 Demo board

I modified the project hello_world, and show some strings or show a jpg/gif/bmp on display panel. It is no any problem. (Path: ..\lpcopen\applications\lpc18xx_43xx\examples\emWin\emwin_hello_world)

I modified the project hello_world, and enable RTC. RTC can work well. I can print the time via USARE 3. (RTC code copy from .. \lpcopen\applications\lpc18xx_43xx\examples\periph\periph_rtc)

But, I enabled the RTC and then called any emWin function. The system will crash.
Somebody know why?

PS: hello_world have enabled two framebuffer.