emwin_M3.lib works but emwin_M4F.lib does not works for EA4357 board..

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by chetansd83 on Wed Dec 30 22:35:37 MST 2015
Dear Friends,

I have recently started working of Embedded Artist board having LPC4357 controller.

I am using my own TFT of 1024x796 resolution and emwin version 5.30.

I have configured lcdconf.c and GUIconf.c files and developed small application. It works fine when I attached emwin_M3.lib file in my KEIL compiler, but hence the core of the controller is M4F It should be working with emwin_M4F.lib file.

When I use emwin_M4F.lib program stops working, I don't get debug messages on Uart port which is placed before any usage library functions.

Please guide me where I can be wrong or it is ok to use M3 lib to lpc4357?

When I debug the code, It goes to Hard fault. Here is the screen shot of the debug screen..