4 x SDRAM at LPC43x7

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by khfreiberg on Mon Dec 02 16:23:12 MST 2013
I have 4 x MT48LC64M8A2 (-75) at dynCS1 to use the full 256MB. It is a brand new prototype board.
EMC is running at 204/2MHz. I have problems with the setup. My little RAM test works fine at first run. But when I read the data again they change. The changed data seems to be stable with a '00' in chip 1 and 'FF' in chip 2. Other data are shifted by 4 byte in address. Looks like a refresh issue. I would like to distinguish between layout problem and setup failure. But when I search examples and forum entries it seems like everybody has it's own magic. Especially strange is the multiple calling of 'LPC_EMC->DYNAMICREFRESH' where the shown values doesn't match 'UM10503'. Additionally I am not sure how to calculate the offset for WR_MODE (12?, 14?) for 4 chips. Both values don't change behavior. Does anybody have a working setup that I can use as platform for further investigations?
I would appreciate any help.