Some problems with DFU

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Oxide on Mon May 16 02:21:13 MST 2016
I am writing an application for LPC4330 microcontroller, that will allow the user to update the firmware using USB DFU class. I wrote all of the code and I wanted to test it using dfu-util software. But when I try to do it few errors appear:

1. When I list the USB devices, two elements with the same parameters (vendor id, device id, configuration and interface) appear. The situation changes when I make a breakpoint in the application, in place where interrupt process function is called. Then only one device appears on the list.

2. I cannot detach the device because I get error "No USB device is DFU capable". Even when only one device is listed by dfu-util.

3. When only one device is listed I can start performing upload/download operation, but the application sends me an error, that interface cannot be claimed.

What could be a reason of these problems? Could it be connected with LPC4330 feature allowing user to flash the programme to the memory using dfu?

Thank you in advance for your answer!