pcb design / pin connection guidelines

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by equinox on Mon Jun 18 08:03:06 MST 2012
I am designing a board that uses LPC4330FET100.

I have been looking through the user manual and the data sheet
and am having some trouble finding guidelines for practical
board design information like:

* selection of decoupling caps,
* information on how to choose the clock source
  Do I have to use a crystal or is a standard oscillator chip ok?
  Are there any requirements on the clock inputs to insure correct operation of the HS USB interface?
* What pins have to be connected to guarantee that a given interface will work as advertized.
* Are there any specific requirements on the design of my DC power supplies?
* A general checklist of things that need to be done for schematic and layout

Does anybody know where such information can be found?
It might be ok if I could find a document along these lines for a related part family.
Maybe it exists for something like LPC1850?

I do a lot of FPGA design, and this type of checklist / guideline document is readily available.
It seems like something should exist for this family of microcontrollers - just to give the designer information he needs to know in order to do the board design.