LPC4357 Xplorer++ not booting after programming using DFU

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I am using NGX LPC4357 Xplorer++ board.

I programmed it using DFU utility with a prebuilt example binary for ngx1830 xplorer included in the package. Soon after the programming completed, dfu showed no connection. But it never connected again after that.

Before programming the board, it was running the test code which came factory programmed in Quad SPI flash. It was running fine but after programming through DFU it isn't even booting from Quad SPI.

Example I programmed was 7KB in size and was in subfolder with name ngxxplorer1830. Following is the readme.txt file that was in the same folder(I didn't read it before programming).

This is the Keil MCB1857 ethernet demo that is meant to be programmed into FLASH.
The demo is from the LPC Open Platform software package.
One LED will toggle when an ethernet cable is inserted or removed.
Another LED will toggle on each ethernet packet received.

This image will only run from internal FLASH. This image does not contain the
correct checksum value and requires the DFU Utility tool to generate it during

Does this create any problem, because this binary was initially for Keil MCB1857.Board is not even running the test code in QSPI flash in any boot switch configuration.
Power led1 & led3(green) are always on. Reset led2 working fine but MCU is not booting.

I have attatched the folder with example binary and dfu configuration setting used.
Please help me with it !!!

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