GPDMA for Frame buffer memory copy (Multi buffer/emWin)

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Dear friends,

I am using Embedded Artist board of LPC4357 (EA4357) with 1024x768 TFT.

I have configured lcd_conf.c for multiple buffer (3) and added Interrupt service routine and Copy buffer callback function.

I can observe the improvement in flickering of display after implementing multiple frame buffers but the execution becomes too slow after that.

I supposed it is due to bulky memcpy() function.

So I want to use GPDMA for memory copy (SDRAM to SDRAM).

But unfortunately my code works only when my DMA size is below 1080. If I increase this size It doesn't works.

Any suggestions please for me friends...???

I have attached my LCDconf.c.

Please let me know if any clarification needed from my side.


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