ADC configuration for  ADC1_7 pin

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I am very new to LPC43xx series processors. My problem is with reading ADC  using a specific channel.

After going thorough the user guide and examples provided, I have come up with following steps.

 /* get scu base  */
 p = (LPC_SCU_Type*)(LPC_SCU_BASE);


  *  Select ADC function

 p->ENAIO1 |= 0x80; //Enable ADC function for  ADC1_7 (pad PF_7 in BGA256 package)

  * Disable internal pullup  
  * Disable internal pull down 
  * Select  function  as GPIO
   p->SFSPF_7 = 0x14; // Is this configuration is correct??
 /* Set GPIO as input mode */
 GPIO_SetDir(GPIO_PORT_7,(1<< 21), INPUT_MODE);
 /* disable band gap option */
  p->ENAIO2 = 0;

 /* ADC initialize */
  ADC_Init(LPC_ADC1, 200000, 10); /* Initialize ADC1 */
 /* Disable ADC Interrupt * 


   * Wait for conversion to complete

  while (!(ADC_ChannelGetStatus(LPC_ADC1,ADC_CHANNEL_7,ADC_DATA_DONE)));
  ADC_val = ADC_ChannelGetData(LPC_ADC0,ADC_CHANNEL_7);


I have measured the pad PF_2  which is having voltage of 1.56, but  I always get 0 in adc register.

Verified that  DONE bit is getting set after the adc conversion start.

Do I missed any initialization.

Appreciate any pointers on this issue...