lpc4357 IPC Blinky example

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by pgeloso on Tue Mar 31 02:31:46 MST 2015
I'm using LPC4357 ea Board with LPCXpresso v7 and I'm running the dual core example  dc_sa_blinky/dc_sa_blinky_m0.
Reading the code of the m0 I see something that I don't understand about this IPC communication example.

The dimension of the SRAM assigned to m0 in MCU Settings is 32KB (while I expect it should be 40KB):
SRAM start 0x1008.0000, size 0x8000.
In the code the m0 will access the SRAM starting  from the absolute address
#define SHARED_MEM_M0          0x10089F80
that is beyond the SRAM limit defined for the m0.

Could you help me to understand this point?