LPC4370 Memory configuration Err

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Dear all,
I have six LPC-Link2 board.
This board used LPC4370. But, used two revision.

1.Line 3 xxxxxxxC
2.Lin3 3 xxxxxxxCY

CY is RevC, but  Y for qualification samples. The CY chip from LabTool bundle board.

This C and CY is different work by Memory Configuration.

This Memory Configuration on WORK on CY chip, but RevC it Not working.
Not work RevC memory configuration. Only RevCY is work.

This Memory Configuration on WORK on both chip(RevC and CY).
Both work memory configuration.

Why two chip different work? This work used check program is LPCOpen "lpcopen_2_12_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpclink2_4370" Peripheral Brinky.
I checked to LPC4370 Memory map.

I think normally no problem First 128kb Flash area and  ram position is 0x10080000~0x10092000 72kb area.
But, actuary is should be set 0x10000000 to 0x10020000 area on ram by RevC chip.

Why not work same memory configuration different work on chip rev?

Please let me know any answer  and advice.
I feel like this problem is Errata.
six board RevC, three, CY three.....
All board same action working RevCY 128kb Flash area memory configration.
But not working RevC 128kb Flash area configuration.

Following photo is chip marking ex.
RevC released products
RevC Y indicate qualification samples