Best way to transfer ADCHS samples to fpga at 20Msps.

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I consider circuit made of LPC4370 and fpga. The uc would be measuring one analog signal at 20Msps and then transferring samples to the fpga. I need continuous stream of samples for the fpga. The fpga will analyze the data and send back results to uC. For receiving results I will use simple SPI interface because there won't be a lot of data to transfer.
I'm planning to set a DMA to ADCHS for continuously stream the data to fpga at 20Msps by one of the following interfaces.

- SPIFI 4 bit bus
- SGPIO 8/12 bit bus
- ECM 12 bit

Best solution is to transfer 12 bit at the same time. Is it possible to configure SGPIO or ECM to send ADC results at required sample rate? Is it possible to configure it to send also CLK signal to clock bus data? Maybe there is another solution to stream that data?

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