USB .inf requiered for Project_DeviceBandwidthTest (0.98) ?

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As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that I didn't hit the forums at first with this issue, but my solo searches have left me clueless.

I'm building the bandwidth (hereinafter referred to as "BW") test project in the latest lpcUSBLib (0.98), using the latest IAR EWARM on the NGX4330 board. I've configured the BSP, CDL and LPCUSBlib packages and they work fine on the other projects. For example, the mass storage class project works like a charm.

However, in the examples IAR workspace, the BW project is absent, so I had to make it from scratch. I've kept the project options identical to the ones of the other working examples, and I doubt this has some influence on it not working.

It links, it boots, it starts BUT the USB device is not recognized by Windows (XP or 7).

In the embedded side, in the decriptor files, the device's interface is .VS_Interface (vendor specific), alongside with:
.Class                  = USB_CSCP_VendorSpecificClass,
.SubClass               = USB_CSCP_VendorSpecificSubclass,
.Protocol               = USB_CSCP_VendorSpecificProtocol,

The question is, must I have a corresponding windows .inf file that can link to the vendor id (0x1fc9, /* NXP */) and the product id (0x000C)? Must I build it from scratch (which I don't quite know how to do)?

Because when looking at the VCOM serial (kind of custom) .inf, one can see that the driver includes the standard "usbser" service and uses the microsoft port provider MsPorts.dll,SerialPortPropPageProvider. On the other hand, when looking at the other examples, they employ standardized Mass Storage Class or other compliant classes which are plug and play.

What could be the solution? Have the curators of the lpcUsbLib forgotten to include an .inf file alongside with "Project_DeviceBandwidthTest"?

Thanks for your feedback.