Need advice. Upgrading to LPC4300.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by David Lee on Tue May 13 07:44:05 MST 2014
I've spent a few years designing products with the LPC2100 series.

Now I have the need. The need for speed.

Especially, the nice DSP extensions of the Cortex M4F.

Please recommend which eval board I should get. I don't care a bit about LCD displays.
This will be a signal processing project.

This is also a plea for advice on programming tools and the development environment.

I am very happy working with Eclipse + GCC + GDB + OpenOCD + ARM_USB_OCD JTAG programmer. This is rock solid.
I use it all day. Every day. It just works. (It works until it no longer works, of course, then I just download the latest GCC from ARM :)

So, can just stay in my happy place, get any old LPC4300 board and program it with my current setup?
I really, really, really don't want to download and learn a new IDE.

Sure, I'll need the latest GCC (from ARM) and the CMSIS libs, and the latest OpenOCD versions. (Especially startup.asm and a linker script!)
But is this path doomed?

I'm not demanding simultaneous debugging of both cores. But that will come in time right?

Thank you! I am grateful to hear your experience. This will help me get started on the right foot.