LPC4330-Xplorer Performance issues, SPIFI

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Struggling with a LPC4330-Xplorer gaining performance (minimizing latency) using external flash, the flash has been changed to a faster type - S25FL127S. The original board was shipped with a S23FL025P, that could be pushed to 80MHz SPIFI clock and not the next clockwise step, 102M. The S25FL127S can run 108MHz.
I have tested both flash devices on both 68MHz, both working fine, but when the S25FL127 is clocked at 102MHz, the system isn't working. The NXP device is prepared to run 204MHz on the SPIFI bus, way beyond the used clock, and the flash does also have a little head room, clockwise.

Is the issue caused the PCB layout on the Xplorer board - this might not be designed to run above 100MHz, or what am I doing wrong?

Any ideas ?