Flash-programming LPC4337 (any LPC43x3,x5,x7) using OpenOCD

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Pacman on Wed Sep 11 19:36:07 MST 2013
Does anyone have a working lpc4337.cfg file for OpenOCD ?
(A LPC43x3, LPC43x5 or LPC43x7 .cfg file will do just fine too)

I successfully got OpenOCD to write to a LPC1768. I can also communicate with a LPC4330, a LPC4310 and a LPC4337.
But attempting to write to the LPC4337 fails; it seems to have something to do with the reset signal.

I've tried both the flash write commands, which I use for the LPC1768, but also the convenience command "program".
("program" seems to be a bit slow, though)