LPC4337 external SDRAM options?

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I'm working with the LPC4337 and need to add a significant amount of fast RAM (16+MByte) to buffer a data stream. What are my options?

EMC is the obvious choice, however, I need all SGPIO pins and USB0/1, maybe SD/MMC, and there doesn't seem to be a way to make EMC happen from a pin mux point of view (regardless of the package).

SPIFI would be the perfect interface, but I need RAM, not FLASH. Read [u]and[/u] write speed must be at least 25mByte/s, without write cycle limitations (continuously buffering). I found one Quad SPI SRAM chip (http://www.cypress.com/products/1-mb-quad-spi-nvsram), but it's only 128kB.

Any comments/ideas?