USB reference designs?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mark03 on Mon Sep 10 10:13:07 MST 2012
I intend to set up the LPC43xx USB OTG port so that

--My board can be powered by a USB charging cord or USB host, or by an on-board battery (using a Li-ion charge controller).
--The LPC43xx can function as a USB device when connected to a PC, etc.

So the cases it has to handle are

1) powered by USB, with no host at the other end (dumb charger only)
2) powered by USB, with real USB host at the other end
3) powered by battery, with USB host at the other end (host not capable of supplying power)
4) powered by battery (nothing connected to USB)

Could anyone point me toward a reference design or circuit examples for accomplishing this?  The official LPC43xx user guide is pretty thin on the necessary external components for getting USB power right (no circuit examples at all), and I couldn't find any app notes covering USB interface design.