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I am trying to find a basic USB example project to simply be able to transfer a bit from the PC to the LPC4357 for example to set a byte to a GPIO port.
I found some examples to do so (LPCopen) but they were not compatible to CMSIS, i need one that is so i can afterwards run it on freeRtos. I also found an example that only works on keil (http://www.lpcware.com/content/project/lpc43xx-dual-core-examples), the project is a .uvproj file and i work with redsuite/LPCXpresso. after trying to make a new project in red suite and adding the files manually there seem to be lots of problems.

Does someone know an easy way to convert .uvproj files to .cproject files?
Or even better, a USB project that runs on red suite (or LPCXpresso) for my LPC4357FET256?

Thank you for your time,