HSADC data acquisition

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Hello everyone.
I'm new to LPC microcontrollers.

I need to develop an application for LPC4370. I'm using LPCXpresso v8.0.
For now I'm using a LPC link 2 to test my code.

I already start using it, mainly using the examples from LPCOpen, but I need some help in order to do a project.
I will describe what I need and if someone could steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate.
I need to generate 1 square wave, acquire 2 sine waves and send acquired data to a PC.
The square wave (200 kHz, 50% duty cycle) should be generated for 10 ms, and after 100 ms, generated again for 10 ms, and so on. This wave is generated periodically as long as a button is ON. Button OFF, no square wave.
I also need to start acquiring samples from 2 ADC for 10 ms, when the square wave starts being generated.
I need 20 MS/s sampling frequency (one sample each 50 ns), which gives 200000 samples for each adc.

After acquisition, data needs to be sent through USB to a PC for post processing.
Can anyone help me?