LPC4337 DSP application design

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by avr458 on Wed Aug 14 13:33:22 MST 2013
I've been off the radar from the forums for a while. I did get my LPC4337 board working and programming fine, the reset button was wired incorrectly. After taking a break from that design I'm back at it with the next iteration. My original device was a module for a distributive computing platform for complex control systems, it was a senior design project for my engineering degree, although the design was for school I used my influence to design the project such that my original device was a prototype/alpha version of the device I truly wanted to make.

Moving forward, I am looking to create a cost effective platform for audio processing. I want a device that works like a DSP and a microcontroller simultaneously or either of the two options independently. I chose the LPC43xx family of processors because I knew early on they should be capable of this. What I want to know is how well does the CMSIS DSP library performs in the context of real time audio processing. Does anyone here know about it? My next question pertains to the use of external memory, in order to sample and hole 24 bit 48kz audio for realtime processing a fair amount of space would be required, what would be the best way to interface memory SPIFI or EBI ?