USB0 VBUS voltage divider

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by apriori on Thu Aug 13 00:00:43 MST 2015
In my current, self-powered design, the USB0_VBUS pin of a LPC4337JDB144 is connected to the USB connector's VBUS via a voltage divider as recommended in AN11392. With resistor values of R1=1.74 kΩ and R2=3.24 kΩ, I measure 3.25 V at USB0_VBUS when VDD is 0 V and VBUS is 5 V. With the device turned on, P2_7=LOW and booting into USB0 boot mode, I get 2.08 V when VDD is 3.3 V, just below the 0.7 * VDD threshold that is needed for the DFU firmware to recognize the attached USB host. That leads me to believe there's something equivalent to a 1.5 kΩ pull-down resistor at the USB0_VBUS pin instead of the 64 kΩ (+/- 16 kΩ) mentioned in the manual. This also fits the reports on this forum where people have been measuring in excess of 3 mA going through this pin.

Can anyone comment?