deep sleep mode issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jpplus on Thu May 07 23:36:24 MST 2015
I am trying to put my 4337 into deep sleep mode and I start from the LPCopen's example of pmc_states.c (using 2.16 version from lpcopen for 4337)
when I put my board to deep sleep, it simply shuts down itself. I have serveral quesitons related to this example and general deep sleep mode.
1) I don't see __WFI() or Chip_PMC_Sleep(); be called in this example which contradicts with the data sheet.   Does this example really working?  I read a thread saying this example has bug, but need fix in latest one, but not sure 2.16 contains this fix.
2) hardware control of deep-sleep mode, I put below code and WFI(), but MCU never wake up when I trigger wakeup pin 0.  Do the hardware control of deep sleep also require all clock shutdown/off. still need enable the event router?
   LPC_PMC->PD0_SLEEP0_HW_ENA = 0x01; //M4 core
   LPC_PMC->PD0_SLEEP0_MODE = 0x003000AA;//deep sleep
   SCB->SCR = 0x04; // Set SLEEPDEEP to 1
   LPC_EVENTROUTER->SET_EN = 0xf;//wakeup pin 0-3 to wakeup
3) any working example/reference about the deep sleep mode except the pmc_states.c?