LPC4357 dual core running issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by waydychou on Fri Mar 29 01:01:13 MST 2013
Hi guys,

One question,

I use the sample code "LPC43XX Dual Core Examples" to test my LPC4357 development board.
I am trying to building "lpcopen\applications\lpc18xx_43xx\examples\dualcore_43xx\lwip_emwin\webserver_emwin" project.
Everything was fine as first.
But something confuse me after I flash the images to M4 and M0.
There was error message appear says :

ERROR: Running lwIP on both core is not supported!
ERROR: Boot failure!!

So I use pre-define to isolate M4 and M0 code as below:

#ifdef  CORE_M4

Let M4 run LWIP and M0 run EMWIN,M0 can run normally but M4 didn't booted successful.

Somebody know why?