Array initialisation failed in lpc4370m0app

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JoeE on Tue Sep 09 11:49:45 MST 2014
I tried to implement a simple initialized array in an 4370m0app Prozessor application.
The code was someting like this:
volatile int32_t myarray[64]={64312, 64221, ... and so on};
I placed a declaration in the repective .h file:
volatile int32_t myarray[64];
To my surprice the array worked, I could read and write values to it, but it was not initialized. It was filled with zeroes.
When placed in the 4370 m4 application the array was initialized normally. So what is wrong.
My workaround was to put the array back to the m4 application and to hand over an pointer to the m0 application.

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