Flash Update Process / In-Application Programming IAP - Does AN10256 apply for the LPC43xx series as well?

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we are considering to migrate one of our products to a new processor. One of the candidates is the LPC4310, as it is a very interesting processor. However there is one topic where I need to gather more information: The update process for the flash. Unfortunately we need to update the flash "by hand", as we get the firmware image from an external component.

Here are the details of what we need to do:
Our product will include a 8 Mbyte Flash for the program (with less than 512 KByte of program) and data (with about 7 MByte of data), plus a 32 MByte SDRAM for runtime data. During a firmware update, we will receive the flash image from a external component and store it in SDRAM. Currently (with a processor from another company) we have to switch execution over to the SDRAM, in order to be able to program the flash - this is tedious and not well supported. When porting our application, we would need to find a solution for the update process.

As I see it, we have two alternatives when using NXP:
A. Switch execution over to the SDRAM, then write new image to flash.
B. Switch execution over to another area of the flash, then write new image to area of current flash program.

Before we can commit to the LPC4310 processor, we need some form of information (e.g. an application note or an reference implementation) from NXP that shows that what we want to do is possible and (somewhat) supported. Unfortunately I have not found much information about this, possibly because I looked in the wrong area.

If someone could point me to information from NXP about the flash update process, and how we can realize our custom update scheme, it would be most appreciated.

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[u]Update 2014-11-26:[/u]
I found while looking at other LPC the application note AN10256, and specifically for the LPC1700 the application note AN11071 - do they apply for the LPC43xx as well? It would be really helpful to include some application notes about IAP for the LPC43xx as well, I found [s]nothing [/s] a different application note (AN11248) here: http://www.lpcware.com/node/11538/104