SPI FLASH and JTAG program load

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first of all, I'm hardware designer, so sorry for my probably lame questions.
I made myself board with LPC4320 MCU and SST25VF040B SPI flash memory which I want to use for USB audio. I have Segger J-link JTAG debugger and LPCExpresso IDE and I'm dealing with a problem...I already wrote program and succesfully run it loaded into RAM, but I want to load it into external SPI flash memory and boot from it, how can I do that (I know, very lame question)? My boot jumpers are the same as are on Hitex Rev A4 (http://www.nxp.com/documents/application_note/AN11239.pdf), now I have it configured to boot from SPI (SSP). I also tried SPIFI.

Do I understand correctly that I need some kind of driver (I'm new to MCU without internal flash)?

Thank you very much.