Problem executing from SDRAM when running at 204Mhz (Hitex Eval board)

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I have for some time been trying to run my application from SDRAM with the LPC4350 core running at 204MHhz.
But it kept going into hard fault.

I have now been able to isolate what triggers the problem and build a little example that shows the problem.
The problem is that memory writes sometimes goes to incorrect addresses (wrong bank/row).

My example is based on the BOOTFAST example from the PDL.

Here is a description of what the program does.

The program contains a couple of function located at different location in SDRAM. (It seems like that the functions must be located in different banks to trigger the problem)
The main function is do_test() that calls the other functions and validates that a certain address in SDRAM hasn't been changed.

func2(): returns a pointer that points to the address 0x28235E54
func1(): Calls func2() and writes to the returned address (the value 17).

do_test() writes a value to address 0x28605654, and then calls func2()/func1() in a loop.
The data at address 0x28605654 should never change, but suddenly the address contains 17.

When the error is detected do_test() stops at an infinite loop.
The loopCount variable can then be inspected to see how many times the loop has runned before the overwrite occured.

The tools I have used is Keil uVision V4.23.00.0 and a ULink Pro debugger.

The problem seems to be related to the temperature of the SDRAM chip. If I cool down the SDRAM the problem disappears.

I have tested it on 3 different Hitex boards.
The 2 boards fails at normal room temperature, but the thirds only fails when the SDRAM is heated up (About 10-20 degress).

I have attached the example project.

Best regards

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