Recomended SPIFI Flash for LPC4350

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gregd on Wed Apr 01 14:29:48 MST 2015
We are making a revision to our LPC4350 based processor board.  We are currently using Winbond W25Q80BVSSIGTR spifi flash which is in an 8-SOIC (0.154”) package.  We are looking to use a higher density part, 16 or 32 Mbit minimum. I had ordered the following two samples S25FL116K0XMFI041 and S25FL132K0XMFI041 but they do not seem to be recognized by the boot rom or the lpc_lib_spifi_1_03_68.

I see in lpc_lib_spifi_1_03_68 that the following parts are supported:
* S25FL016K {W25Q16DV}
* S25FL032P
* S25FL064P
* S25FL129P 64k Sector
* S25FL129P 256k Sector {S25FL128S}
* S25FL164K
* S25FL256S
* S25FL512S
* MX25L1635E
* MX25L3235E
* MX25L6435E
* MX25L8035E
* W25Q32FV
* W25Q64FV
* W25Q80BV {W25Q80DV}

Are these the same parts that the boot rom supports?  Is there a list of supported devices per boot rom version available?

Do you have any recommendations for higher density parts that are for sure supported in the boot rom and lpc_lib_spifi_1_03_68?

I definitely want the boot rom to handle booting up in quad mode with the highest performance of possible.

Greg Dunn