LPC43xx Triggering Interrupt

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by amsmith on Wed Apr 27 11:33:03 MST 2016
I'm using an LPC4370, and I'd like to use a GPIO to trigger an interrupt.

External source sets one pin high to trigger an interrupt which then sets a second pin high.
All of the pieces have been tested.
Manually polling the input pin, values as expected.
Manually calling the ISR, reading the output pin, values as expected.

All of the pieces work, it's just the interrupt itself never seems to be triggered by the input pin, which perhaps suggests a configuration issue.

- Interrupts have been enabled globally
- The pin isr has been enabled
- The input buffer has been enabled (thought this was the missing link when I discovered this in the documentation, but seems not)
- The pin directions set correctly
- The voltages are correct

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.