Soft reset with spifi

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by charchar on Tue Nov 05 09:57:04 MST 2013
I have a platform that boots and executes code out of spifi and I'm having lots of trouble getting it to soft reset without hanging somewhere in the reset process. 

I understand that resetting the spifi device is important.  And I've tried this by issuing a "read reset" command before
initiating a reset through the RGU. 

#define SPIFI_CMD     (*(volatile uint32_t *)0x40003004)
#define SPIFI_STAT    (*(volatile uint32_t *)0x4000301c)

void softReset()
// reset spifi device
SPIFI_CMD =(0xffu << 24) | // opcode 0xFF (read reset) for winbond
(0x1 << 21) | // frame form indicating opcode only
(0x0 << 19) | // field form indicating all serial
(0); // datalen
while(SPIFI_STAT & 2); // wait for command to complete
  RGU_SoftReset(RGU_SIG_SPIFI); // reset spifi controller
delayus(100000); // wait for spifi device to reset
  RGU_SoftReset(RGU_SIG_CORE); // reset processor

None of this works though.  Has anyone had any luck with this?