Compiling flash image suitable for banks A and B?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dwjperry on Tue Jan 13 18:05:52 MST 2015
I'm adding IAP support to my application, where a host will upload an image via MODBUS to my LPC43xx-based device. There would be one image which provides both application code and self-programming, rather than a separate bootloader, alternating between flash banks as new firmware images are loaded.

However, one issue I've overlooked is the need for the firmware to be compiled to suit the particular flash bank it resides in. As such I'd need to release an A and B firmware version for each release and choose the right one depending on which bank is currently in use —  not ideal.

Is there a way to generate a common firmware image? Or are there simple and robust changes that can be made to the image in situ to target it towards a particular flash bank?