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I'm currently developping an application on the LPC4357. I need to implement a bootloader and to be honest I'm not sure where to start for a NXP MCU. I have limited experiences with bootloader in general.

The ideal scenario for me would be this:

- The user puts the new firmware on the embedded file system using USB Mass Storage.
- On reset, the bootloader verify the embedded file system; if a firmware application file is present, it copies it into internal Flash at the firmware application address.
- Upon copy completion, the bootloader jumps to the application memory address and the application starts
- The application deletes the firmware application  file present on the file system.

I've searched around and couldn't find any examples that would guide me a little to achieve that (from the bootloading point of view, not the file system or USB one).

Anybody has a suggestion for the addressing, examples, comments on how it would be best to implement that ?