must USB1 use PLL1 for clock?

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i see and wonder following in User Manual (LPC43xx UM10503) for USB1:



Uses PLL1. CLK_USB1 must
be 60 MHz when the USB1 is
operated in low-speed and
full-speed modes. In
high-speed mode, the clock
is provided by the ULPI PHY

Must i use PLL1 direct? or can it be over clock divider A-E (it is still not to get 60Mhz if running 204Mhz)?
or i can use PLL0 running 480Mhz , divide it by 8 and set it to BASE_USB1_CLK? - my preferred option

Table 121 shows that i can't use divider>4 for PLL0USB... can i use PLL0AUDIO?

thank you