Winbond W25Q80BV Support spifilib LPCLink2 Board

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Does anybody have a working example of reading/programming the Winbond W25Q80BZ SPIFI FLASH device fitted on the LPCLink2 board?

I followed the procedure outlined in the PDF accompanying the latest libspifi 0.6 beta library and the device seems to register okay but when I call the spifiGetHandleMemSize as per the example, the code 'hangs'. It appears that the device is not detected. I tried swapping the JEDEC Device ID bytes over 0x4014 to 0x1440 but that made no difference.

A working example would speed things up for me. Any help gratefully received. Since this is the device fitted to the LPCLink2 board and I am using two LPCLink2 boards to do some LPC4370 development, I guess that a working example would be generally useful.

Thanks in anticipation.