Bug-fix for Hitex LPC4357 kit to make RMII autoconfigure correctly

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by rgledhill on Fri May 17 08:07:30 MST 2013


There is a mistake on the Hitex LPC4357 kit where resistor R96 is 10k and needs to be 2k2.  This means that the auto-configure mode on the Ethernet PHY always defaults to MII mode, even if jumper JP5 is closed.

You can either change this resistor, or you can change your start-up code to force the PHY into RMII mode (if you want to use RMII mode!).  If you're using the Keil RTX TCPnet libraries, for instance, change ETH_LPC43xx.c:



            /* Configure the PHY device */
<strong>#if !_MII_ &amp;&amp; defined(HITEX_BOARD)</strong>
<strong>            write_PHY(PHY_REG_RBR, 0x20);   /* RMII mode - fix for Hitex LPC4357 board with inadequate config pull-up R96 */</strong>
#if defined(_10MBIT_)



This will be fixed in future revisions of the board; MII mode is unaffected.


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