Dualcore webserver examples

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tombruin on Thu Feb 27 02:19:21 MST 2014

i am working on a hitex4350 board. i have setup some jumpers so that the PHY chip is connected with RMII. (clk 50 mhz enc)

Now i am trying to load some examples ( webserver without OS or with Freertos )

But i can't get it working. In board.h i have defined #define USE_RMII
also i have #define LWIP_DHCP  0  so i have a static IP.

i see that the green link led is solid when i connect the ethernet cable.

And in wireshark i see some ARP messages. But i can't ping my board. This is what wireshark logs:

i think there is something wrong with the ARP.

is there someone with a working lwip example for the hitex4350 board? or am i doing something wrong ?

tnx :)