DFU Programming Algorithm Development

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gregd on Thu Jan 31 09:26:12 MST 2013
I had previously modified the example internal ram DFU programming algorithm to support programming the external NOR flash on our LPC4350 based board.  It seems to work at least semi reliably with the original v1.05 release of lpc_dfusec.exe.  It seems to have problems however with the new v1.10 release of lpc_dfuutil.exe.  I saw information in the documentation of some changes and possible new commands supported.  Are there changes required in the programming algorithm to support the new version?  I looked at the lpc18xx-Examples-DFUSec.zip file but it appears to have not been updated.  Are there any new code examples available for use with the new v1.10 release?

Greg Dunn