HSADC missing samples (LPC 4370)

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Hello all,

I got a problem with my hsadc-code, it seems that every eight samples the adc is going to stop and sleep for a short time. The code, which is based on the periph_hsadc example and the laptool code and a plotted diagram of a 4MHz sinuswave are attached. I am using DMA to save the FIFO to a ringbuffer.
Based on the user manual, I thought about three possible bottlenecks:

- the second descriptor table must be preloaded an updated through DMA?
- the trigger for the descriptortable-initiation is taking too long?
- the FIFO is full and can't be emptied fast enough, so the remaining samples can't be safed?

Did anybody of you encounter a similar problem or can find the problem in my code?

Thanks in advance!

P.S: I am trying to build a 4 channel oscilloscope with the Link2-board. Is there maybe anything else I should mind?

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