LPC4330 Ethernet

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Hello !

Well, I'd just like to give a big thumbs up to the guy(s) who designed the Ethernet system in that chip. I'm testing some very raw bare-metal UDP streaming code I just wrote, and it has no problem saturating the 100Mbps full duplex with 1k UDP packets. In fact it does it with 10-20% cpu load, on the Cortex-M0, with a debug build optimized for size, all the asserts still enabled, and quite small buffers.

I tried to test it with smaller packets (256 bytes) : The M0 interrupts are so fast that it obliterates the quad core PC on the other end of the cable (picture above). The PC really struggles to send more than 20k packets/s. The M0, on the other hand, pushes the packets at almost full wire speed, with more than 50% of the cpu idle. 40.000 packets/s is huge, it never happens on 100 Mbps...

Well, you guys can be proud :D