LPC4357 (with LPCOpen): Splitting code between off-chip ROM and on-chip IROM

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by AlexMSmithCA on Thu Jun 05 00:47:22 MST 2014

I have been looking around and haven't found an answer that I was able to use.  I have a monolithic piece of code (web pages stored as byte code in an array) that I want to off-load to a 4MB external flash chip (SPIFI) since it does not fit within the two 512kB on-chip flash.  I'm using uVision 4 and right now I have it set up so that the on-chip IROM1 is my start-up location, and I just try to shift over the web code to the ROM1 off-chip memory.  When I run it, I get "Cannot access memory" and it seems that all of the off-chip memory cannot be accessed.

I have not worked with embedded devices too much, and am not sure if this is a clocking issue, or if the code can only be stored in one block of memory, or what it might be.

If I put everything within the off-chip memory the program runs fine, albeit slower.  If I put it all on the on-chip memory (minus the web pages), it also works fine.  It seems only when I try to split the code between the two I run into issues.

Any help is greatly appreciated!  I can also provide more information, just tell me where to look.