Remap pins to non-default behavior

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by AlexMSmithCA on Sun Jan 05 18:41:19 MST 2014
Eval Board: Keil MCB4357 (uses a LPC4357)

I am working on a project which has some overlap in pin usage when using any of the default pin functions. To get around this issue, I am trying to re-purpose some GPIOs for an I2S connection.

I am curious if there is a relatively seamless format for accomplishing this, such that the pin reading can be easily forwarded to the appropriate I2S registers? If not, where might you suggest I begin? Does Keil provide a pin-muxing utility tool?

Alternatively, is it feasible to have one pin switch off between controlling two separate functions? (e.g. I2S & act as a GPIO/other functionality)

Thanks in advance!