Jtag Debugger Options

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I'm about to purchased the development board for the lcp4357 (http://www.nxp.com/news/news-archive/2013/nxp-development-kit-based-on-the-dual-core-lpc4357-microcontroller.html).

And i'm now starting to have a look at the jtag debugging options out there, but there all rather expensive. I'm a student and just purchasing the board for pure self development and to have a play :). So i was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with the cheaper jtag debuggers. The official Keil Ulink 2 is over £250 which is deferentially out my rang for something i'm just having a play with haha.

[u]I've done some research and found three possibles:[/u]
Segger do an education version of there basic debugger, any good?

The below does not say it support lcp4357 i've emailed the seller to see if s/he has just missed it off the list

Olimex ARM-USB-OCD seem to be opensource but i'm not too sure how good it is etc

I would prefer for the jtag debugger to support uVision 5 or LPCXpresso etc Sorry if I've missed anything obvious or broke any rules etc

Cheers for the help